Speech Science Primer: Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech, 6/e
: Lawrence Raphael, Gloria J. Borden, Katherine S.Harris
: \98,000     : 2011 03     ISBN: 9781608313570
Authored by three leading edcators in the disciplines of communication sciences and speech and hearing sciences, speech primer: Ph... 
Art and Science of Social Research
: Carr, Boyle, Cornwell, Correll, Crosnoe, Freese, & Waters
: \48,000     : 2017 09     ISBN: 9780393911589
In The Art and Science of Social Research,a team of internationally renowned sociologists-experts in surveys, experiments, evaluat... 
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 10/e (CTE)
: Frederick J Gravetter, Larry B. Wallnau
: \45,000     : 2016 01     ISBN: 9789814806749
CB VitalSource eBook ? The ultimate eBook experience has arrived! Easily access our eBooks with features that will improve your re... 
Personality Psychology, 5/e (IE)
: Randy J. Larsen, David M. Buss
: \43,000     : 2013 06     ISBN: 9789814738644
We have devoted our lives to the study of personality and believe this field is one of the most excitinf in all of psychology. Thu...