Psychology Applied to Modern Life: Adjustment in the 21st Century, 13/e
저자: Weiten 외 공저
가격: \63,000     출판일: 2023년 07월     ISBN: 9780357798010
The text students say they don't want to stop reading, Weiten/Dunn/Hammer's PSYCHOLOGY APPLIED TO MODERN LIFE: ADJUSTMENT IN THE 2... 
Child Psychopathology, 8/e
저자: Mash 외 공저
가격: \67,000     출판일: 2023년 06월     ISBN: 9780357796580
Mash/Wolfe/Nguyen Williams' CHILD PSYCHOPATHOLOGY, 8th Edition, introduces you to childhood and adolescent disorders, treatments a... 
Cognitive Neuroscience, 5/e
저자: Banich 외 공저
가격: \98,000     출판일: 2023년 10월     ISBN: 9781108926386
Now in its fifth edition, this accessible and comprehensive text highlights the most important theoretical, conceptual and methodo... 
Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 11/e (Global Edition)
저자: Corey 저
가격: \55,000     출판일: 2023년 01월     ISBN: 9798214033549
Incorporating the thinking, feeling and behaving dimensions of human experience, the Eleventh Global Edition of Corey's best-selli...