Psychological Testing and Assessment: An Introduction to Tests and Measurement, 9/e (IE)
: Ronald Jay Cohen, Mark E. Swerdlik
: \47,000     : 2017 05     ISBN: 9781259922084
Psychological Testing and Assessment presents students with a solid grounding in psychometrics and the world of testing and assess... 
Theories of Personality, 9/e (IE)
: Jess Feist, Gregory Feist, Tomi-Ann Roberts
: \40,000     : 2017 02     ISBN: 9781260083538
Theories of Personality provides a comprehensive foundation on the nature of personality theory, as well as its contributions to s... 
Discovering Psychology, 3/e (AE)
: John T. Cacioppo, Laura A. Freberg
: \48,000     : 2018 01     ISBN: 9789814834551
In this innovative approach to introductory psychology, John Cacioppo and Laura Freberg present psychology as an integrative scien... 
Sensation and Perception, 10/e (AE)
: E. Bruce Goldstein, James R. Brockmole
: \49,000     : 2016 02     ISBN: 9789814834315
E. Bruce Goldstein's SENSATION AND PERCEPTION has helped a myriad of students understand perceptual research and how the results o...