Interpersonal Communication Book, 15/e (GE)
: Joseph A. DeVito
: \50,000     : 2018 01     ISBN: 9781292261843
An introduction to interpersonal communication that emphasizes the impact of our choices The Interpersonal Communication Book pro... 
Earth Science, 2/e
: Stephen Marshak, Robert Rauber
: \62,000     : 2020 07     ISBN: 9780393419740
The best text for helping students see the world around them through a scientists eyes Whether hiking along a mountain trail, dr... 
Drug Use and Misuse, 9/e
: Stephen A. Maisto, Mark Galizio, Gerard J. Connors
: \55,000     : 2021 07     ISBN: 9780357375952
Taking an interdisciplinary approach in its coverage of current drug issues, Maisto/Galizio/Connors' DRUG USE AND MISUSE, 9th Edit... 
Exceptional Child, 9/e
: K. Eileen Allen, Glynnis E. Cowdery
: \55,000     : 2021 04     ISBN: 9780357630693
Gain a strong understanding of the foundational issues you face as you teach, parent or assist in an inclusive early childhood set...