Power and Choice, 15/e
: \45,000     :     ISBN: 9781538114124
W. Phillips Shivelys Power & Choice offers an in-depth look into the nuances of politics, both domestic and international, throug... 
Nutrition Therapy and Pathophysiology, 3/e
: Marcia Nelms, Kathryn P. Sucher, Karen Lacey
: \60,000     :     ISBN: 9781305111967
NUTRITION THERAPY AND PATHOPHYSIOLOGY, 3E provides a comprehensive review of disease pathophysiology and treatment with a focus on... 
Theory, Practice, and Trends in Human Services, 6/e
: Edward S. Neukrug
: \48,000     :     ISBN: 9781305271494
Distinguished by its focus on the development of the helper, its experiential emphasis, and the unique use of personal vignettes, ... 
Social Work and Social Welfare, 8/e
: Rosalie Ambrosino, Robert Ambrosino, Joseph Heffernan, Guy Shuttlesworth
: \47,000     :     ISBN: 9781305101906
Reflecting the latest practices, accreditation requirements, and developments from the field, the eighth edition of bestselling SO...